Apr 152022

Review: Things I See On The Road

This book had all the vehicles that Rushit loves talking about these days- Bicycles, cars, trucks, buses! It even has an ice cream cart in it, which he had never seen on the road before!

Mar 202022

Review: Things I See In The Park

It looks at parks through the eyes of a little one seeing it for the first time. It features everything they will encounter in the park, from flowers and butterflies to Indian Grandmas sitting on the benches chatting away.

Nov 212021

Review: My First Animal Friends Book

It’s a nice and cute book when you want to introduce these animals. The minimal illustrations would help kiddos to focus and not get distracted.

Oct 052021

Review: My First Animal Families Book

The book introduces the animals along with their baby animals and their siblings and grand parents and aunts and uncles in the most unique way. The book uses Indian kinship names to introduce the family of animals.