Aug 172021
Review: What’s The Time, Mr. Wolf?
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Title: What’s The Time, Mr. Wolf?

Author: Debi Gliori

Type: Paperback

Age group: 2.5+ to 6 years.

How to spend an afternoon telling time.

What’s The Time, Mr. Wolf? is many books (rhymes/stories) in one book and that’s something I really like in a book – being able to relate to many other things. It’s a Debi Gliori book which are an instant hit with us. The book talks about a day in the wolf’s life where all the other animals keep asking him the time every hour (sometimes even to tease him). Each time someone asks for the time, the characters and illustrations refer to a nursery rhyme (sing a song of six pence, hickory dickory dock, pat a cake, etc) or a story (three little pigs). The wolf is pretty irritated by this, but then at the end there is a surprise waiting for him. 

A beautiful book on helping children understand the concept of time and learning to tell the time, while also weaving in their favourite rhymes and stories. It is also a story about how friends might have some playful fun with each other but at the end, they are friends and will be their to cheer you up. 

The illustrations are eye catching and enable children to be able to guess the rhyme or story without any help from an adult. A book that can easily engage any child 2.5 years+. We have ended up spending a whole afternoon with this book reading, re-reading, singing, narrating and enjoying.

ps: It’s a big book! larger than Ravi’s Roar! pc: Khushboo Shah

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