Apr 032022
Review: Mommy Burnout – How To Reclaim Your Life And Raise Healthier Children In The Process
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Title: Mommy Burnout – How To Reclaim Your Life And Raise Healthier Children In The Process

Author: Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

Publisher: Dey Street Books

Type: Paperback/Hardcover

Age group: For parents

After having kids,

  • Have you anytime wondered what’s happening to me?
  • Why always me? What to do with the job? Should I continue?
  • Mom is helping but why do I feel she’s burdening me?
  • Is my child too attached to nanny?
  • I really want the best for my kids!
  • Schedule each and every extra curricular activity for your kid?
  • Always running behind something to the point that you don’t have time to sit and eat your food or feeling guilty about having me time ?
  • Do you text your friend instead of calling back saying I’m very busy..?
  • Do you ever feel if you say that your day is bad other parents may criticize you or thing you are a bad mommy?
  • Do you always have 100 things running in your mind?
  • Are you looking messy and hesitant to go out?
  • Do you multitask to save time?
  • Are you beyond exhausted?

Then you may be having mommy burnout says Dr. Sheryl Ziegler.

The book starts off with the correlation between stress and delay in conceiving a baby. The author shares her experience how the stress of going to doctor for treatment and social pressure only delayed the process and how she had her first baby when she took time off from her work and how she resumed work again. Now having baby changes everything. That includes self care. And she walks us through many examples of parents who came to her for treatment.

The moms (even though family counseling is what first she starts of with until she finds the issue) were mostly undergoing mommy burnout. And it was directly reflecting on the kids behavior. Is mommy burnout being faced only by moms who have school going kids or preschoolers? No , she says mom with teenagers , moms with new born moms with 1-4 kids everyone faces in different way.

Each chapter starts off with a questionnaire to self check if we are in exhausted state or in mommy burnout state. And in the middle there will be questionnaire again with few solutions. End of the chapter provides what all can be tried which seemed very practical to me.

She also suggests ways to seek help without feeling guilty. And she says that “busy is not a badge”. And not to multitask as it’s not going to save your time instead it’s only going to consume more of your time and exhaust you as you won’t be concentrating on anything and there will always be something to be done next. She says self care , seeking help , having a me time and reaching out to friends is very important to be able to de-stress oneself.

The language is simple and the experiences shared by the moms in the book are so gripping that you will finish the book in no time. Believe me if you are expecting mother or if you are mom of tweens/teens or school going kids it’s a must read for you. Read this and please come out of the societal pressure of being a good mom or perfect mom. Not many books talk about what is going on with moms. (Or at least I don’t know if it yet).

There are books which says how to talk to kids how is being angry can affect our kids etc. well this one suggests that we are a individual and if we don’t take care of ourselves it will reflect in our kids behavior and will affect their routine too. Without taking care of self we can’t deal with the kids issue. This applies to moms with teens as well.

Happy Reading.

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