Jun 242022
Meet The Courageous Change-Makers! [Review]
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Book title: Young Indian Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Change-Makers

Author: Rupangi Sharma

Illustrator: Adrija Ghosh

Publisher: Puffin India

Type: Paperback

Pages: 160

Recommended Age: 9-12 years

We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Kbc review squad and we got this book as a review copy. I’m posting this review on behalf of my 9 year old son, Divit.

I have read many books about famous people and how they achieved greater things. But those are names we all know about. However, this book is very different from them because it is about some kids like me who decided to think differently and bring about a change, a change for helping people around them.

My mom always tells me to follow my heart and my dreams. I have read many books that pretty much say the same. But I always thought it is easier to say but hard to achieve. So when I read this book I was amazed to read about these young people who had the courage to implement things they believed in.

Through this book, I met these 65 young boys and girls who had some great thoughts and ideas. Did they really keep them in their head? NO!!! They had a plan, they knew exactly what they wanted and they just followed that. Some of their stories that have motivated me deeply are (these are my top 3) –

  • We all know use of plastic is not good for sea life. But how many of us have thought to spread the awareness? Well Aayan Aggarwal, a 9 year old boy (exactly my age) from Ludhiana is a champion environmental change-maker who has a website dedicated to let people know about the ill effects of plastic and how it is killing our sea animals. His motto is simple: Do something drastic, cut out the plastic.
  • I was amazed to read about Aayushi Jain who is 16 years old and has created “Super Eyes” which is a device for visually impaired people that helps them to read any kind of text. Isn’t that absolutely amazing?!! Her next idea is “Tech Bus”- an app that will be used by students to track their bus and if they are going to be absent they can actually mark their absence which will be so useful in reducing the wait time for others.
  • I was deeply touched by how Satvik Sethi, a 22 year old boy from New Delhi decided to do something for himself when he was constantly being bullied. He became friends with a girl from Sweden on social media and realised how a true friendship can help improve the mental health of a person. I really didn’t understand at first what is mental health so my mom and me discussed this. I felt so happy to read that Satvik has launched a venture called “Runaway” that promotes mental health awareness and provides support to those in need. Runaway was featured by WHO, UNICEF and Vice. That is so very cool, right?
Read about Aayushi Jain

Each and every story is very inspiring and touching. I loved what all of them have done for society. After reading about these 65 change-makers I have understood one thing – Nothing is impossible. You just have to believe in yourself and try your best.

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