Nov 252021
Darwin’s New Favourites (books for 2-6 years)
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2021 has been a bookful year for us. Our love for books has multiplied to infinity and our library keeps growing each day.

Sharing few of the interesting reads here.

Few of our new favorites.

Find Fix Go (3 -5 Years)

When your kid is into vehicles, its really difficult to find books which are not repetitive in story line. When I bought this book I knew Darwin will be interested to read and it will keep him engaged. Each vehicle is having a problem like flat tyre or broken pipe and the kids have to find solution. Parts of the vehicles are explained for guidance which gives an additional opportunity to play I Spy game.

Tool School (3-5 Years)

The book starts with an introduction to the tools, hammer , saw etc. they are going to attend tool school where their teacher ask them to build a tool box. As they are new they all try to do their project on their own and finally gives up. Their teacher tell them to be the can-do crew and tells them to cooperate. Did their cooperation work? Did they finish their job? That we have to find out after reading the book.

Lila and the secret of Rain

The summer is long and too hot for the people of Lila’s village. It’s too hot to do anything and one night she over hears her mom and other women saying ‘ without water there can be no life’. She wants the sun to stop shining and prays for rain. One evening her grandfather tells the secret of rain and the next morning Lila sets off on a journey to bring rain. Did she succeed or no can only be known after reading the book. It’s a way to teach children about importance of rain and water as well. And to introduce a different culture. The dresses, houses leads to different questions from little ones.

Rhyme Crime

It’s a story about a thief who steals a thing and replaces with a rhyming thing. For example , he takes a hat and keeps a cat, a big mouse for a house etc. but when he takes a orange he doesn’t know what to keep. A nice funny way to introduce rhyming words to kids. And the book is like a peekaboo one, where the second rhyming word is at the back of the first one, so when you read the first page it gives time for the lo to think of matching rhyming word.

Never Tickle a Tiger

It’s a story about a very active girl named Izzy, who likes to jiggle all the time. One day their class visits zoo and Izzy is about to find out why her teacher said ‘ never tickle a tiger’ and what happens when she doesn’t listen.

I’m Not Reading (2-5 Years)

An owlet finds a nice quiet place to read a book to its tout owl. Tiny chick wants the owl to read the story for him. When they are finally settled tiny chicks brothers and sisters come along. Then their cousins and their friends and friends cousin. They all try to sit on owls lap and finally owl says I’m not reading unless you all get off me. So did the owl read the book?

Rain Before Rainbows

When I decided to write a review for the book ‘Rain before Rainbows’ I was not sure what intro to write. Should I write about overcoming hurdles in life or should I address the current Covid situation or to overcome the losses! Each one of us deals with difficulties in different way. But what leads us is the hope of better tomorrow.

A girl and her friend fox go on a journey with hope to find a better place. They overcome many hurdles on the way.

Each page gives the reader the hope of better tomorrow. The full page illustrations tell us the story. They are beautiful and capture your eyes with soft colors and delightful scenes.

The book can be interpreted in many ways- the difficult times, the hope, friendship and perseverance. Smriti Halls’ flowing and rhyming words are captivating. I can’t help but to mention again that the illustrations will make you want to keep looking at each page and look for details.

It’s very comforting, engaging , captivating and uplifting book which gives us hope. And also to teach our children to overcome any obstacle in life and that darks days are not forever. I dedicate this wonderful book to each one of US.

Clean Up!

The Box Cars

The book of Mistakes

My Pet Star

The Dawn Chorus

Big Brown Bears Cave

A Nest is Noisy

The Elephant’s New Shoe

The Dot

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