Nov 032022

A visit to Taj Mahal [Review]

In this book, a mother takes her children to the Taj Mahal to soak in the beauty and grandeur of one of the seven wonders of the world. This book gives the vast history of the Taj
Mahal to children in a story that pulls them into the rich history and heritage of India.

Oct 312022

Buddy is You & Me [Review]

Buddy was left on the street in half a conscious state. He was discovered by the Wild Pack and was soon included into this gang for his quick reflexes. And here starts the adventures of his life… 

Oct 272022

Review: Young Detective

Written by Sumita Bose, an educator, Young Detective is a collection of one dozen interesting stories, Young Detective is a book with a difference. Each story ends with a question that the reader can solve.

Oct 232022

One day, in an unexpected turn of events, Sharadha gets lost and ends up in the city of Mahodayapuram where she finds a young girl of her age named Ruthie. While Sharadha felt excited to get to know the city life walking in the streets of Mahodayapuram, a crisis baffles her. The Chola Empire wages war all of a sudden.

Oct 192022

Review: Heroes The Colour of Dust

Heroes The Colour of Dust is tale of six sparrows, of fearless self sacrifice and derring-do. As the introduction says, the struggle for independence involved not just brown people, but brown birds as well.