Mar 252020

A curated list of books that addresses thumb sucking and finger sucking.

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Some time back one of our kbc members posted a query to address thumb sucking/finger sucking for her child. We all curated a list of books that might help! These are ideal for toddlers and pre-schoolers

The Berenstain Bears And The Bad Habit (we have a curated post with reviewshere) – this comes highly recommended.

Thumbs Up, Brown Bear (Hello Genius) – this gets recommended often

Anna and Dedo: A Thumb Ventures Out for 2-6 years (36 pages)

The Girl Who Sucked Her Thumb for 3-6 years (48 pages)

I’m Not A Vampire, I Just Suck My Thumb

Funny Teeth And Bunny Ears

Jamal The Little Thumb Sucker And Mr. Pepper

It’s No Fun Sucking Your Thumb 

Stop Those Little Suckers! (a kindle guide for parents)

Why The Long Face?: A Story About Thumb Sucking

David Decides About Thumb Sucking

I Can Do It – I Don’t Need My Thumb

It’s Easy – I Don’t Need My Thumb (kindle)

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