Aug 172021

Review: 100 Questions – The Plant and Animal Kingdom

This lovely collection of 100 very unique questions and answers on plant and animal kingdom is like a goldmine for inquisitive minds. Categorized beautifully into relevant sections like Powerful Plants, Amazing Amphibians, Awesome Aqua life, Birds, Insects, Reptiles and mammals, this pretty much covers the whole flora and fauna.

Apr 092019

101+10 New Science Games

Book: 101+10 New Science Games – Learning Science with Fun Author: C.L.Garg and Amit Garg Type: Paperback  Ages: 10+ years What readers like about this book: This book is an exciting non-academic way to teach…Continue Reading

Mar 272019

71+10 New Science Projects

Book: 71+10 New Science Projects  Author: C.L.Garg and Amit Garg Type: Paperback  Ages: 10-15 years What we like about this book: A brilliant, yet easy way to get students excited about doing Science Projects for…Continue Reading