Feb 242021
Review: Step-By-Step DRAWING BOOK (Mystical Marine Life)

Step-By-Step DRAWING BOOK "Mystical Marine"

Front cover of the book
Step-By-Step DRAWING BOOK “Mystical Marine”

Title: Step-By-Step DRAWING BOOK (Mystical Marine Life)

Publisher:- PepPlay

Age group: 4 years onwards

I am so glad that finally, we’ve found a prefect Drawing Book. It’s not only with step by step drawing instructions, it also explains the various lines which help to draw anything.

It also explains the Primary colors and how to create various colors by mixing 2-3 colors. This is really impressive, any child can draw with the help of this book.

Then it explains be smart and use shapes to draw, tools we need to draw, etc. This is simply an amazing way to start even for beginners.

Kaavya is thrilled to receive this book. As you can see, she immediately started working with this new gem in her treasure.

“Mumma, this is such an amazing book. Full of Sea creatures, I will make all of these. Thanks because my Mini Artist book is already finished so I really needed this one. But how do you know that I wanted Marine life book?”

Enjoyed her new mission to Marine life….

“Mumma I can use any color in this book, as the pages are so thick. Let me get my sketch pens too.”

Another impressive point which was missing from almost every drawing book we had till date was the premium quality of the paper we need for actual drawing experience. Therefore one can use any medium to color – pencil colors, sketch pens, wax crayons, oil pastels etc. This book is printed on paper from a sustainable source as well.

Mini Artist is excited and satisfied, so am I. Highly recommended book for art lovers, mini artists.

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