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Let’s Read And Laugh Together! (3-7 years)
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pc Amardeep

LET’S READ TOGETHER books are for 3 – 7 years and address many issues in a fun and non preachy way!

Quoting Amardeep:

The Let’s Read Together series has to be amongst the most fun reads we’ve discovered recently. The stories are fun to read, most are rip roaringly funny, and often have a subtle underlying message.

Listing out the books in the LET’S READ TOGETHER series with some mini reviews as shared by our members (we’ll keep updating them!)

Blue Monster Wants It All!  (Let’s Read Together) – Amardeep: “A wonderful story about a blue bear who keeps wanting more toys, but is never satisfied till he realises that all that he ever needed was his family. A wonderful book on gratitude and importance of family. “

Gruff the Grump (Let’s Read Together)- Amardeep: “A cute story about a rabbit who continuously tries to make a grumpy bear happy. While his efforts are not appreciated initially, the bear finally realises that he was lonely and that rabbit has filled his life with friendship and happiness. A wonderful story on kindness and friendship.”

Smiley Shark (Let’s Read Together)

Tiny Tantrum (Let’s Read Together) Quoting Girija:

With a toddler in the house, tantrums are an everyday occurrence. When kiddos refuse to listen to the grown-ups, it is time to bring in the monsters! Tiny Tantrum is a delightful book in which witty, colourful monsters sing funny, rhyming songs and teach TINY how to handle her meltdowns. The book also has a separate Tantrum song in the end, which M absolutely loves. Now when M refuses to share, I ask – ‘M what has yellow monster taught us?’ and it works!

Poo in the Zoo (Let’s Read Together) – Amardeep “If your child likes potty humor, get this book. How much we have rolled in laughter over this book is unimaginable. The description it contains of each animals poop, and the climax of the accident of glowing poop, will leave you in splits.”  
Poo in the Zoo: The Great Poo Mystery seems to be another book in this series (there are even more books too!)

The Great Cheese Robbery (Let’s Read Together) – Amardeep: “A hilarious book on how everyone, including adults, have their own fears. What I love about the book is how it completely breaks gender stereotypes of men being strong and brave, and shows that sometimes it’s the women who are stronger.”

The Very Sleepy Sloth (Let’s Read Together) – Amardeep: “All the animals in the jungle have some unique qualities, something that they are good at, except for the sloth who spends his entire day sleeping. What is he good at? A beautiful book on accepting yourself and being unique. ”

The Very Greedy Bee (Let’s Read Together)

Little Why (Let’s Read Together)

No! (Let’s Read Together) and Impossible! (by the same author)

Now! Shefali has this one. In her words:

“The book tells the story of a boy who wouldn’t wait ever, and hence his parents explained him the importance of patience. After reading the book, Emma learnt to wait, or at least ask how much she would need to wait and why. We have come a long way from the NOW tantrum, all thanks to this book.”

Train! (Let’s Read Together)

Dangerous! (Let’s Read Together) – Asha: “If I had to describe this book in one word- HILARIOUS! And yet, this book has lots of life lessons to learn from! It’s about making friends, it’s shows the importance of saying sorry. Most important, it teaches us that we can be friends with completely different kind of people – in this case a Mole and a Crocodile (i would say this book could be used to teach kids how to make friends with differently abled kids as well!). The cherry on the top kids get to learn lots of interesting new words!!! Must must have!”

Scaredy Mouse (Let’s Read Together) – Arundhati: “The story is about a little mouse, Squeaky who is afraid of everything and is at a stay at home mouse. One day his sister Nibbles comes and tell him that she has seen a chocolate cake in the kitchen but Squeaky is afraid to go as he is scared he will get lost or get eaten up by the cat. But his sister reassures him that there is nothing to be afraid of and ties a string around him and he starts the journey. Every time he sees a shadow he is afraid that it might be the cat. But when he finally meets the cat….you’ll have to get the book to find out!

We love the story as it shows how Squeaky is able to overcome his fears, do something bold to help himself and his sister out of the situation. It is one of our favorites and we read it regularly. It is easy to read and my 5yr old can read it by herself.’

The Great Monster Hunt (Let’s Read Together) – Amardeep: “This one has been our favourite for many months now. The underlying message is that one shouldn’t make a mountain of a molehill, and worry unnecessarily about stuff. However, what the kids will enjoy the most in this is the onomatopoeia, which gives plenty of opportunity for voice modulation and of course, laughter.” 

Warning! Do Not Touch! (Let’s Read Together) – Amardeep: “A wonderfully funny book on how one must not judge others and apply labels, and what the consequences can be when you begin to label.”

The Three Little Pugs and the Big Bad Cat (Let’s Read Together) – Amardeep: “A funny take on the three little pigs.”  

A Friend Like You (Let’s Read Together) – Amardeep: “This is probably the sweetest story on friendship we’ve read, because where other books highlight two people bonding because of a similarity, this one shows a squirrel and bird becoming a friend, and highlights their dissimilarities. It shows that in friendship you don’t need to be similar, you need to give each other space and be yourself.”

The Great Aaa-Ooo! (Let’s Read Together)

Hiccupotamus (Let’s Read Together)

The Lamb Who Came for Dinner (Let’s Read Together)

Baa! Moo! What Will We Do? (Let’s Read Together)

No More Cuddles! (Let’s Read Together)

Tickly Octopus (Let’s Read Together)

Tom’s Tail (Let’s Read Together)

The Very Grumpy Day (Let’s Read Together) 

The Worry Box (Let’s Read Together)

Where There’s a Bear, There’s Trouble! (Let’s Read Together)

Friends to the Rescue (Let’s Read Together)

When You Need A Friend (Let’s Read Together)

The Very Lazy Ladybug (Let’s Read Together) 

Many thanks to Amardeep, Arundhati, for contributing to this post. Shout-out to our 14yo Intern-In-Residence (Aarini – The Chief Childoo) for curating this post.

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