Oct 022021
Keep Calm And Puzzle On!

As a part of our #KeepCalmAndReadOn Campaign during the pandemic we are sharing other activities you could do with your kids along with reading. Mix it up a bit! We asked folks to share their fave jigsaw puzzles and we curated a list of must haves.

Quoting Asha: “I LOVE DOING JIGSAW PUZZLES! As a child and even as a parent – I still do with my childoo!”

Girija recently shared a dedicated post on puzzles:

‘Getting puzzles for a young toddler is a task – the size, thickness, durability requirements made me go crazy! Hope this post helps you figure out options for your kid.’

1) Melissa & Doug One Piece Puzzles are prefect to begin with. The pieces are thick and sturdy and withstand rough use. This one doesn’t have pegs and hence perfect for a mouthing toddler.

pc: Girija

2) Skillofun – My First Learning Puzzle has 2 piece puzzles on various themes like shadows, opposites, animal babies, colours etc. It is wooden and does not bend even after rough use. Pieces are just the right size for a toddler.

pc: Girija

3) Toykraft – My First Puzzles are 3 piece puzzles and also come with different themes. The pieces are big , which was crucial for us as M still put everything in her mouth. We couldn’t find any three piece ones that were big size and made of wood. So we settled for these cardboard ones instead.

pc: Girija

4) With RK Cart we went back to wooden puzzles. These come with a small bag to keep your pieces in. M loves carrying it around with her. Good quality, ok size. I would have preferred bigger ones.

5) Skola – Sequencing Puzzles – These are ones I love the best, can’t say the same for M😬 She is still warming up to them. I came across these just as M had started recognising numbers. Wonderful concept!

pc: Girija

Thank you Girija.

And here are the recommendations shared by other members of the community.

Up to 20 Piece Puzzles

3 Piece Puzzles

3 Piece Puzzles – My First Puzzles: Vegetables

3 Piece Puzzles – My First Puzzles: Insects

3 Piece Puzzles – Spelling Cardboard Puzzle

ARTVIBES PUZZLES start from 4 pieces and are very affordable.

Frank: Paw Patrol – 4, 6, 8 Piece Puzzles

Peppa Pig – 9, 12, 18, 24 Piece Puzzles

2 Piece Puzzles – First Puzzles: Pet Animals

3/4 Piece Puzzles – Spelling Puzzles

4 Piece Puzzles

4 Piece Puzzles – Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles

4 Piece Puzzles – Vehicles: Wooden Jigsaw

Fiddly’s Wood Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids & Children -9 Pieces Age 3+ (Travel & Adventure (Pack of 6))

9 Piece Puzzles – Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

9 Piece Puzzles – FunBlast™ 6-in-1 Wooden Block Puzzle for Kids, 9 Piece Colorful Wooden Block Picture Puzzle, Available in Different Theme (Wild Animals)

12 Piece Puzzles – Melissa & Doug: Farm Jigsaw Puzzles

12 Piece Puzzles – Melissa & Doug: Vehicles Jigsaw Puzzles

12 Piece Puzzles – Means Of Transport

12 Piece Puzzles – SkilloFun: Wooden Paw Patrol Puzzles

25 Piece Puzzles

Wooden Peg Puzzles for toddlers

Creative’s Math Addition Puzzle

Magnetic Shapes Puzzles – 23 Magnetic Pieces

Frank: In Space Floor Puzzle – 24 Piece Puzzle

Fun Blast: Wild Animal Puzzle – 24 Piece Puzzle

Fun Blast: Aquatic Animal Puzzle – 24 Piece Puzzle

Wooden Animal Shape Blocks Puzzle – 29 Piece Puzzles

30-50 Piece Puzzles

Solar System Jigsaw Puzzle + World Map + Board Game – 30 Piece Puzzles

Space – 35 Piece Puzzle

Fiddly’s 40 Pcs Paperless Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle for 4 Years+ (Solar System)

Fix A Farm: Giant Floor Puzzle – 35 Piece Puzzle

Alphabets And Numbers Floor Puzzle – 36 Piece Puzzle

Magnetic Solar System Puzzle – 38 Piece Puzzle

Frank: Peppa Pig Puzzles – 48 Piece Puzzles

Frank: Paw Patrol Puzzles – 48 Piece Puzzles

60 Piece Puzzles

Outer Space Solar System

India Map Jigsaw Floor Puzzle

Smartivity Edge Colourful Clownfish Augmented Reality Jigsaw Puzzle, Includes 1 Puzzle Feat |Clownfish| IOS/Android, No. of Pieces- 60

100 Piece Puzzles

Insect World Jigsaw Puzzle

Funskool Play & Learn: India Map Puzzle – 104 Piece Puzzle

THE BOOK TREE 80 Piece Big Size Festive Play Christmas Puzzle Set with 1 Story Board Book

USBORNE BOOK AND JIGSAW (puzzle boxes of 200 pieces). There are many in this series. Punidha has shared the Book and Jigsaw Space Maze (Usborne Book and Jigsaw) in the kbc fb group here.

250 Piece Puzzles

Railway Station Illustration – 252 Piece Puzzle

Webby Construction Site Illustration Jigsaw Puzzle, 252 Pieces (for 6 years+) Punidha has shared images here in the kbc fb group.

500 Piece Puzzles

1000 Piece Puzzles

Naruto Jigsaw Puzzle

Cityscape Panoramic Puzzle 

Skillofun Puzzles

Melissa & Doug Puzzles

Skola: Sequencing Puzzles

ToyKraft Puzzles

In the toddler stage to 6 years most members prefer Frank Puzzles

Every child goes through the Disney phase 🙂Disney Jigsaw Puzzles

This is something everyone must have! – Indian Map Jigsaw Puzzles

Sunita Tagra recommends – Melissa & Doug: Magnetic Boards With Alphabets

Namrata Bachwani recommends – Melissa & Doug: Safari Wooden Chunky Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

Math Puzzles

Creatives: Fun With Words Puzzles

World Map Jigsaw Puzzles

Foam Puzzles (for babies & toddlers)

Educational Blocks

Magnetic Boards

Magnetic Shapes

Aqua Pixels

Wooden Geometric Shape Puzzles

Wooden Educational Board Puzzles

Creatives Puzzles

Frank: Peppa Pig Puzzles

Montessori Puzzle Shape Matching

Tangram Tetris Jigsaw Puzzles

Frank: Paw Patrol

ToyKraft: Fruit Puzzles

ToyKraft Wooden Mosaic Puzzle

Fun Blast: My First Learning Set

Book Tree Puzzles

RK Cart Puzzles


Funskool Play, Read & Learn India Toy Map, Educational, 104 Pieces, Puzzle

Many thanks to all of our members and #the14yo for curating this post!

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