Oct 022021
Keep Calm And Puzzle On!

As a part of our #KeepCalmAndReadOn Campaign during the pandemic we are sharing other activities you could do with your kids along with reading. Mix it up a bit! We asked folks to share their fave jigsaw puzzles and we curated a list of must haves.

Quoting Asha: “I LOVE DOING JIGSAW PUZZLES! As a child and even as a parent – I still do with my childoo!”

Girija recently shared a dedicated post on puzzles:

‘Getting puzzles for a young toddler is a task – the size, thickness, durability requirements made me go crazy! Hope this post helps you figure out options for your kid.’

1) Melissa & Doug One Piece Puzzles are prefect to begin with. The pieces are thick and sturdy and withstand rough use. This one doesn’t have pegs and hence perfect for a mouthing toddler.

pc: Girija

2) Skillofun – My First Learning Puzzle has 2 piece puzzles on various themes like shadows, opposites, animal babies, colours etc. It is wooden and does not bend even after rough use. Pieces are just the right size for a toddler.

pc: Girija

3) Toykraft – My First Puzzles are 3 piece puzzles and also come with different themes. The pieces are big , which was crucial for us as M still put everything in her mouth. We couldn’t find any three piece ones that were big size and made of wood. So we settled for these cardboard ones instead.

pc: Girija

4) With RK Cart we went back to wooden puzzles. These come with a small bag to keep your pieces in. M loves carrying it around with her. Good quality, ok size. I would have preferred bigger ones.

5) Skola – Sequencing Puzzles – These are ones I love the best, can’t say the same for M😬 She is still warming up to them. I came across these just as M had started recognising numbers. Wonderful concept!

pc: Girija

Thank you Girija.

And here are the recommendations shared by other members of the community.

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9 Piece Puzzles – FunBlast™ 6-in-1 Wooden Block Puzzle for Kids, 9 Piece Colorful Wooden Block Picture Puzzle, Available in Different Theme (Wild Animals)

12 Piece Puzzles – Melissa & Doug: Farm Jigsaw Puzzles

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12 Piece Puzzles – Means Of Transport

12 Piece Puzzles – SkilloFun: Wooden Paw Patrol Puzzles

25 Piece Puzzles

Wooden Peg Puzzles for toddlers

Creative’s Math Addition Puzzle

Magnetic Shapes Puzzles – 23 Magnetic Pieces

Frank: In Space Floor Puzzle – 24 Piece Puzzle

Fun Blast: Wild Animal Puzzle – 24 Piece Puzzle

Fun Blast: Aquatic Animal Puzzle – 24 Piece Puzzle

Wooden Animal Shape Blocks Puzzle – 29 Piece Puzzles

30-50 Piece Puzzles

Solar System Jigsaw Puzzle + World Map + Board Game – 30 Piece Puzzles

Space – 35 Piece Puzzle

Fiddly’s 40 Pcs Paperless Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle for 4 Years+ (Solar System)

Fix A Farm: Giant Floor Puzzle – 35 Piece Puzzle

Alphabets And Numbers Floor Puzzle – 36 Piece Puzzle

Magnetic Solar System Puzzle – 38 Piece Puzzle

Frank: Peppa Pig Puzzles – 48 Piece Puzzles

Frank: Paw Patrol Puzzles – 48 Piece Puzzles

60 Piece Puzzles

Outer Space Solar System

India Map Jigsaw Floor Puzzle

Smartivity Edge Colourful Clownfish Augmented Reality Jigsaw Puzzle, Includes 1 Puzzle Feat |Clownfish| IOS/Android, No. of Pieces- 60

100 Piece Puzzles

Insect World Jigsaw Puzzle

Funskool Play & Learn: India Map Puzzle – 104 Piece Puzzle

250 Piece Puzzles

Railway Station Illustration – 252 Piece Puzzle

500 Piece Puzzles

1000 Piece Puzzles

Naruto Jigsaw Puzzle

Cityscape Panoramic Puzzle 

Skillofun Puzzles

Melissa & Doug Puzzles

Skola: Sequencing Puzzles

ToyKraft Puzzles

In the toddler stage to 6 years most members prefer Frank Puzzles

Every child goes through the Disney phase 🙂Disney Jigsaw Puzzles

This is something everyone must have! – Indian Map Jigsaw Puzzles

Sunita Tagra recommends – Melissa & Doug: Magnetic Boards With Alphabets

Namrata Bachwani recommends – Melissa & Doug: Safari Wooden Chunky Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

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Creatives: Fun With Words Puzzles

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Foam Puzzles (for babies & toddlers)

Educational Blocks

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Creatives Puzzles

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Montessori Puzzle Shape Matching

Tangram Tetris Jigsaw Puzzles

Frank: Paw Patrol

ToyKraft: Fruit Puzzles

ToyKraft Wooden Mosaic Puzzle

Fun Blast: My First Learning Set

Book Tree Puzzles

RK Cart Puzzles


Funskool Play, Read & Learn India Toy Map, Educational, 104 Pieces, Puzzle

Many thanks to all of our members and #the14yo for curating this post!

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