Jun 132022
Hop onto Asreet’s Bookwagon!  #kbcBookBingoToddler (0-3 years)
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Get onboard to Asreet’s bookwagon of her uttermost favorite toddler books as a part of #kbcbookbingo2022. The craze is so evident that I couldn’t keep her away from her precious treasure (as you can see in the image).

  1. An orange colored book – Dr Seuss’s ABC
    It’s the first alphabet book we have and Dr. Seuss has his clever way of navigating into little kids minds and camping there. It’s not the usual A for Apple kinda book but introduces them to a whole set of relevant words in his whacky style.
  2. A Lift-the-flap book – Baby Loves Summer!: A Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book (Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books)
    This cute colorful flap book navigates through fun things to see and do in summer, like the beautiful daisies or the yummlicious ice-cream truck or mama hosing down baby with water.
  3. A Sandra Boynton board book – Doggies.
    My doggo lover absolutely gets her giggles through this book. It has ten different types of Bow Bows and we love imitating each of them. Also, go AAOoooooOOOooo on a moonlight night.
  4. A book with a vehicle – Busy Railways .
    This is an interactive push-pull-slide book on railways. It casts trains from Thomas & friends series. Must must have for all train lovers. There is whole sense of story going on each page (without any words) and leaves you to your imagination to build it up while “reading it” to your toddler.
  5. An elephant book – Gajapati Kulapati AAchooo by Ashok Rajagopalan.
    Absolutely must have book. It’s funny charming tale on Elephant getting cold when he got wet in rain and how the entire village looks after him. The simple language, repeating stanzas makes it light and fun read.
  6. A rhyming book (not nursery rhymes) – Hairy Maclary, Sit by Lynley Dodd.
    An amazing picture book with a beautiful catchy rhyme and repeating stanzas
    “Galloping here, galloping there, rollicking, frolicking everywhere”.
    A tale on dogs lined up for Kennel Club’s special obedience class, and but Hairy Maclary felt “jittery bad”.
  7. A Peppa Pig book – Peppa Pig: Happy Birthday! (Sound Book)
    This book has a feature that plays the happy birthday instrumental music along with lighting up the candles. You could simply blow on the candles or tap on them to turn off. The book celebrates Peppa’s Mama’s birthday and I got this for Asreet on my birthday. She absolutely loves tapping out the candles.
  8. A book by an Indian author – Please don’t put that in your mouth by Shehan Karunatalika.
    The book hilariously describes teething phase of the little ones, where baby will put anything and everything in the mouth. Right from her sister’s dolls, to mama’s keys to uncle’s shoes to the big hotel and what not. Initially I didn’t like this book but apparently the rhyming in the book appeals to the little ears. My four year old nephew wanted me to read this out on loop multiple times, when I was with them and even requests the same now over video calls, a year later since I got the book. Asreet has been no exception.
  9. A Scholastic book – I ruff you by Sandra Magsamen.
    Adorable little board book with soft doggie ears that pop up from the top of the book and cute illustrations, stating how much we love you.
  10. A bedtime book – I Love You, Little Monster.
    This is my favorite book by Giles Andrea and Jess Mikhail. This brings out so many emotions and feelings in the most endearing way. This book is about a father expressing his emotions to the sleeping baby. How much he is proud of the little one and how adores the baby for being himself. Book to cuddle with.
  11. A dino book – My Big Dinosaur Book by Roger Priddy.
    We love big books and this one was an instant hit with big pictures of various Dinosaurs and their names. We read through all the Dino names on each page followed by Asreetosauras.
  12. A book with a number in the title – Ten little fingers by Annie Kubler.
    This is probably the first rhyme I have introduced to Asreet and she mimics all the actions with her ten little fingers adorably.
  13. A book with siblings – My Guru’s blessings by Daljeet Singh Sidhu.
    The bilingual (English and Punjabi) book talks about the day to day incidents of the brother-sister duo Harnoor Kaur and Kabir Singh and presence of God in every place and situation. It includes preaching and hymns from Sikh Holy Book, Guru Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
  14. A rib-tickling book – More spaghetti, l say by Rita Golden Gelman.
    A funny Scholastic book on a Gorilla’s love for Spaghetti and how he could eat and eat. This utterly bothers his monkey friend who wants to play and have fun with him, only until he discovers spaghetti as well.
    This book can be ordered from Scholastic India via our kbc storefront as well. Scholastic India always has special offers on.
  15. A non-fiction book – Which Vehicle is it? (detailed review here)
    This Zayn and Zoey board book walks through different kinds of Vehicles. It begins with vehicles with one wheel such as unicycle, two wheels and more. Also showcases vehicles running in Water, and flying in the Air. Great book with amazing illustrations.

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  16. A book on toddler tantrums – Pepper wants too many toys.
    Pepper is in a shop with his mom and literally wants to buy all his favorite toys as in Chuggy, the train or the new teddy bears and ends up crying out loud when mom refuses to buy. Sounds familiar isn’t it? Mom comes with brilliant plan to make everyone happy, without spending more.
  17. A bath book – Magic bath book by Dreamland publications
    This is one of the treasures I found through KBC. Asreet’s bath time is incomplete without giving a bath to her favourite animals and watch them change colors. This book along with squeaky bath toys are great companions to make bath time super fun.
  18. A puppet/ pop-up book – Pop Up Pinocchio book is great way to introduce classic tale. The fairy tale story about the puppet turning into real boy and his ears and nose growing bigger every time he lies.
  19. A push-pull-slide book – Little World: To the Moon
    This book is one of the first push pull slide books we owned. Great interactive way to introduce the real moon and an astronaut’s adventures.
  20. A sound book – When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney
    This has a sound button of Santa sneezing out. Achoo of Santa is so adorable that the entire family needs to mimic it, every time we read it.
  21. A book by Nick Sharratt – Ketchup on your Cornflakes?.
    Ingenious book with multiple flaps split in half. It creates n number of instances for kids to ponder and laugh about. From yucky to yummy combinations, to matching the colors on the flaps. I cannot imagine how the author came out with a such clever, interactive and engaging theme.
  22. Bestest read aloud book at home! – Where’s Spot? by Eric Hill.
    I just couldn’t help adoring my little one saying No No so cutely on her own, while searching for Spot behind the Flaps. She picked this book and read the entire book on her own, when she was only about 18 months old. Her first time no-no’s still echo in my ears.
  23. A book that kept you busy on your own! – Usborne Lift the Flap Play Hide and Seek with Frog. One can never go wrong with interactive books at this age. This book has amazing illustrations with animals trying to finding each other out behind those flaps. Usborne books have a mark on the quality with quantity.
  24. A book by your favorite illustrator – Pip the Puppy by Axel Scheffler.
    My Doggy lover loves this interactive book on the mischievous Pip, who loves to bark out loud and scare everyone around.
  25. A book by your favorite author – Moo Baa La La La.
    Undoubtedly it’s Sandra Boynton for us, for this book has helped us sail through some of the toughest times. This was Asreet’s first book ever at 6 months of age and my best investment till date. This book is nothing short of magic!
  26. A new author you were introduced to – Amyra Wadhwa.
    Our in-house 8 year author has a special place in my heart for her genuine and heartwarming stories. Her book ‘Tales of Santa’ features two tales on the Christmas theme, highlighting the importance on kindness, friendship and good over evil win.
  27. A book that was gifted to you –  Some Dogs Do by Jez Alborough.
    Gifted by none other than Asha Ji (aka DragonMom). On Sid’s (the dog) first day to school, he was so excited that he flew to school, but no one was ready to believe that. Not even his teacher. Do you think Dog can fly? Read this book as it sends a very strong positive message.
  28. A book you read in repeat mode – Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey.
    There are days, when this book was read multiple times, in loop, before, during and after eating and also while doing everything else in between. There is something special about this picture book that hooked my baby instantly. We even named our soft toy dogs Trevor & Pig. Pig and Trevor are roommates but Pig doesn’t share anything with Trevor. The book highlights importance of sharing in most heart warming way.
  29. A book meant for an older child that you enjoyed- The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams This was a surprise for me when Asreet loved this book and brought it to me several times to read it. Don’t think we have finished reading word to word in one go ever, but we know the story and love the cute little rabbit and how he dreams of becoming real one day.
  30. A book you tore – ‘The very busy spider’ by Eric Carle.
    You should ask, the book you didn’t tear! Most of our interactive, paperbacks have seen better times. But that’s the price we are ready to pay for the love of reading, re-reading or just scrolling through. However this particular book, I don’t know why, I can’t keep it in its form, no matter how many times I have tried to stick it back. The book introduces several farm animals calling out to the busy spider spinning her web.

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