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Founder of Li’l Yogis, a certified Kids Yoga Expert and the Author of ‘Ocean Yoga’Mrs Sabrina Merchant is a passionate and free spirited Mompreneur. She gave up a successful career as a Chartered Accountant to follow her passion for yoga. Being a fitness enthusiast and having *practiced yoga for over 10 years* her mission is to guide children towards a healthier lifestyle. *The motto of Li’l Yogis is not only to teach but to transform.* The concept of Li’l Yogis came into existence in December 2018 when Sabrina decided to pass on her love and passion for yoga to her 5yr old daughter Iqra. She used innovative and creative methods to make yoga interesting for Iqra and her friends and this caught the attention of a lot of parents. In a span of a year she has passed on her yoga practice to over 300 children and the number is rapidly growing. Sabrina strongly believes that children are natural yogis from birth.An expert in her own right and a staunch believer in Karma, Yoga to her is a spiritual journey towards one’s inner self, it is not only about postures but a lifestyle that one needs to follow consistently in order to reap all its benefits. Her classes are a  reflection of her thoughts, bringing forth love and respect to the art of yoga, and all that it encompasses.

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